Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recovery Day 10 - Driving

I just hopped in my truck (well, maybe "hopped" is a stretch - more like "I slowly climbed into my truck") to see how it felt to press the brake (this was my surgeon's suggestion). It felt fine so I drove around the block a few times (also the surgeon's suggestion).

I am now 100% confident that I can drive safely but I must admit, I was hurting a little by the time I arrived back home.  It really isn't much different than the pain that I experience after riding in a car for a while.  I don't think I would want to do anything more than a short trip at this point...but it will get me to church and back tomorrow!  This is good news for Monday as well as I should be able to drive to work and then come home if I can't make it a full day.
Last night I ventured out for my first outdoor walk.  My 11 year old niece, Tessa, "babysat" me (thanks Tessa!) on the walk to make sure I didn't end up in a ditch somewhere.  I only made it to the end of our street and back (a little over a half mile) before feeling like it was time to stop.  It hurt but still felt great to get outside!
So tomorrow I have church, Monday I have at least a half day at work, and then Tuesday I have my return to Fairfax to see the surgeon and have some bloodwork taken to make sure all is still well.  Hopefully life will be mostly back to normal by Wednesday!


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