Monday, October 4, 2010

Recovery Days 11 & 12

I am psyched to be able to report today that I am finally out and about!  Yesterday I drove to and from church and made it through an hour and a half Sunday School class.  It was great just to get out and see people...although the less than comfortable chairs were a little annoying.  Overall pain level was minimal.

Today was my big day - the return to work!  I planned to work until my body told me it was time to leave and set an internal goal in my mind of making it through lunch.  I ended up not leaving until 5:30...and I still feel great!  The pain was very minimal and it was so great to see my colleagues and not be sitting at home! 

I thought maybe I would pay for it this evening (usually that is when the pain catches up to me) but I still feel quite good.  I even finished the day off with a good walk around the neighborhood.  I know I still have a long way to go before I hit 100% but today definitely felt like a great day.

As a reminder for those thinking I am nuts, I have a sit down job (insert lame bean counter jokes).  Working from the office is really not very different from working from home.  The only factor that adds some pain is having to drop the gym shorts for dress pants.  The weight of the pants (and belt, and wallet, and keys...) is uncomfortable on one of my incisions but once I am able to get myself situated in my desk chair, I am good to go.  So while I still have permission to miss work days or work short days as needed, I think I am probably back to work for good!

Tomorrow is my return visit to the transplant center for a check-in with the surgeon and for some blood work to make sure my kidney function is still where it should be.  After that I hope to pay a visit to my great friends at the News & Messenger and then head for home.  Should be a good day!


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